Friday, March 30, 2012

Jack White Produces WORLDS FIRST 3PRM LP

Those ambitious folks at Third Man Records have created the worlds first 3RPM record. That's right, 3 RPM. THREE Rotations Per Minute. How does this work? Manually.

I'm a bit of a sucker for coloured vinyl, gatefold packaging and deluxe editions. Despite having reduced sound quality, I've been tricked into buying the odd picture disc here and there (as long as I have a traditional copy kicking around). Third Man has been putting out novelty records for a few year now - Implanting a record inside a record, embedding flowers in a 7" - but is this too far? I'm fearful that more albums produced out of novelty will reinforce that records are 'hip, trendy' pieces of trade. Though vinyl sales are up across the board, It worries me to see more albums created for this current re-submergence of LP buying. Yes, we are catering to this generation of buyers - but does this help reinforce the hobby in the long term?

Full story found here: HERE

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