Monday, May 30, 2011

Mid-Town does vinyl (in a big way!)

Thank you to all attendees of this years Mid-Town Collectibles Show. The work that goes into a show has unfortunately prohibited me from blogging much, but I am sure the 214 customers didn't mind.

Dealers began loading in at 8:00 Am, though several early-birds were milling about, taking quick peaks a the gems being loaded-in. Many dealers were not new to the scene, though it is always great to see new, less familiar faces popping up. Newbie Ryan Charkow arrived with almost a full crate of Bealtes LPs, where Ed Stone from Executive Stereo brought in top notch audiophile recordings. 'Record Guys' Aaron and Akim brought in their usual assortment of Jazz, Psych, Rock, and Prog treasures (I scored a great copy of Hawkwinds 'Warrior at the Edge of Time ' for 10 bucks!)

I was thrilled to station myself next to Ex-DJ/Musichead Vasi, who chatted every customer up on rare groove. He also sold me 'Curtis' by Curtis Mayfield (on Curtom!) and James Brown's 'Slaughters Big Rip Off', which has some of the funkiest cuts I have heard in ages.

The early bird gets the worm

Ian and Nick from Kops Records go for a dig

A packed house