Hmmm 1

Before every purchase, I envision playing that album to death.
Since I have so many albums, this rarely happens.

In 3rd year I started writing philosophic journals. My writing has always been influenced by what I was listening to at the time. Music was my creative journey into the most ignored sense: The hearing. Most people appreciate music, but our ears are also a significant part of our interaction with our surroundings. I suppose music is an organization of noises in a way that is appreciated. Quality is a great part of my listening experience.

Vinyl is about an endless exploration of sounds from around the globe. Different pressings of a record can present the collector with a sense of music history from micro eras and genres, which pop up both nationally and internationally.

I was once asked it if I could describe the extent in which vinyl has taken hold. Firstly, we must acknowledge that the meaning of the phrase “taken hold” implies a negative control. The irony of my disagreement is that I acknowledge that I am so compulsive about my habit that I no longer consider it a luxury: It’s an expense. It’s my food and drink. One friend spends $8,000 a year on his car and his friends don’t bat an eye. I spend the same on music and will have a lot more capital in 8 years. Needless to say, the extent of my commitment to crate digging and listening sessions goes beyond time spent.