Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Record Store Day Reminder and a Shitload of Metal.

Toronto's Record Store Day- We've gone commercial!

As much as I would like to think that RSD is an independent venture, the truth is- WARNER BROTHERS CONTROL'S RSD! Yes, the 'go and support your independent record store' aimed day is now owned by the industries 2nd largest company AND has been known to unleash small numbers to the mom and pop shops as sunrise Records got large quantities; Shady, I know.

Nonetheless, with the rise of LP's in our modern lexicon its safe to say the day still brings unbelievable exposure to records, as well as many shops.

Pending on where you live, you may want to hit up one of a few Toronto shops that are participating in 2011's Record Store Day. I will be lined up at Vortex (Yonge and Eglinton) bright and early at 10 AM. I was advised to come close to 9AM for a fun filled wait as many collectors know this is the shop to be at in terms of selection. Rumour has it that Criminal Record will be doing a Midnight sale, but I found that last year they had half of the titles that Vortex had, but numerous copies of each. They will be announcing if they are having this sale sometime during April 15th. Kops Records will also be participating in RSD, and with their new stocking chick Katy, they've promised loads of titles.

This weekend is also the 35th anniversary of the Toronto Musical Collectibles Show, with $500 in shopping sprees to be won just by attending! 6435 Dixie Rd., Mississauga 10AM- 4PM.

Okay, enough of the news- Here are some of my favourite metal albums:
Black Tusk- Fantastic Doom/Sludge band on Relaspe Records.

4 FANTASTIC Dillinger Escape Plan LP's - Ire Works, Irony is a Dead Scene, Calculating Infinity, and Operation Paralysis.

Canadian Tech-Metal gods 'The End" - Elementary and Within Dividia.

Death-Doom band 'Howl' - Limited Copies of 'Full of Hell' on Black Vinyl (2000 Copies), Red (500 Copies), and Clear (100 Copies)

Hardcore Classic "Heart of Darkness" By: Burnt By The Sun.

No one grinds like Soilent Green! -Original 'Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down'
Death-Core Favourites:
Suicide Silence: The Cleansing, No Time To Bleed -
Impending Doom: There will be Violence, The Serpent Servant
Whitechapel: A New Era of Corruption

Picture Disc of Dimmu Borgir's first LP: Stormblast

Amon Amarth's 'Versus the World', on limited double white vinyl!

Some of my favourite Hardcore albums:
Earth Crisis: Slither, The Oath That Keeps Me Free (Live)
First Blood: Killifornia
Bleeding Through: Declaration
Stoner Sludge at its finest- Kylesa: S/T (Cover by Pushead)
Black/Death Greats!
Borknagaar: The Olden Domain
Deicide: The Stench of Redemption

My favourite Doom album of all time: Type O Negative, October Rust

My cat cuddling against Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power'

Pantera's deleted/banned cover for 'Far Beyond Driven'- This album kills!

Though this isn't my favourite In Flames LP, it's the only one I have. Sense of Purpose is their latest, and their new album is due out sometime late 2011.

That's all for now, folks. This is a fraction of my metal collection, but these tend to hit my deck most often.

Up next: My overwhelming Metallica collection!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A decade of hard to find Soundtracks: 2001-2011

A soundtrack should be like a good supporting actor, complementing without stepping on anyones toes. Though the record scene has had great exposure over the past decade, soundtrack sales have dictated the fate of most modern film scores; A digital download.

Yes, CD copies of 'The Social Network' can be found at your local HMV, but what about us Record-heads who can't let go? Just how hard is it to find unique soundtracks on LP nowadays?

The American Astronaut, 2001
Music By: The Billy Nayer Show

What? What's that you say? A Sci-Fi/Western/Musical/Comedy that's set in a bar in outer-space? Needless to say, The American Astronaut is one of the most clever films of recent times. Fully produced by rockabilly indy band The Billy Nayer Show, singer Cory McAbee stars as a young astronaut believing that a music box has the potential to grow into a 'real live girl' in a parallel, woman-less world. This LP was only released on 220 G(!) vinyl through the bands website for a short period of time and is a must listen.

Friday Night Lights, 2004
Music By: Explosions in the Sky
Any fan of Explosions in the sky should listen to this more controlled version of their over-the-top wall-of-sound style they are known for. A limited run of 2500 copies were pressed shortly after the films release, with performances from Daniel Lanois, Dave Torn, Bad Company, and special guests Justin Stanley and Brian Reitzell.

Monkey Warfare, 2006
Music By: Various

This Kensington Market filmed lo-fi epic showcases a burnt out couples travels in garbage picking as they hunt down collectibles to sell on Ebay. Don McKellar and his late wife Tracy Wright star in this brilliant look at aging revolutionaries whose memories awake as their young pot dealer begins to dabble in car bombings. Featuring Sun Ra, Sharon Jones and the Dapkings, Refused, and Leonard Cohen, this soundtrack is the most obscure collection of classics from all genres to date. With only 1000 copies pressed for their world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, this album is next to impossible to find.

Hanna, 2011
Music By: The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers better be nominated for a supporting role, as this soundtracks presence in this film is reminiscent of Run Lola Run. Saoirse Ronan plays 15 year-old Hanna, whose existence is measured by her ability to run, hide, and kill better than anyone in her way. 2,500 copies of this soundtrack were released last week to hype up the films opening on April 8th, with a few sent to each of the major cities.