Friday, March 30, 2012

Jack White Produces WORLDS FIRST 3PRM LP

Those ambitious folks at Third Man Records have created the worlds first 3RPM record. That's right, 3 RPM. THREE Rotations Per Minute. How does this work? Manually.

I'm a bit of a sucker for coloured vinyl, gatefold packaging and deluxe editions. Despite having reduced sound quality, I've been tricked into buying the odd picture disc here and there (as long as I have a traditional copy kicking around). Third Man has been putting out novelty records for a few year now - Implanting a record inside a record, embedding flowers in a 7" - but is this too far? I'm fearful that more albums produced out of novelty will reinforce that records are 'hip, trendy' pieces of trade. Though vinyl sales are up across the board, It worries me to see more albums created for this current re-submergence of LP buying. Yes, we are catering to this generation of buyers - but does this help reinforce the hobby in the long term?

Full story found here: HERE

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flaming Lips Record Pressing

Record Fairs

Record Shows are gatherings of collectors and dealers to showcase and exchange LP's. Some are swaps (everyone trading) and others are strait shows (a dealer selling to a buyer). With many questions regarding record shows, I thought I would begin compiling all of the websites that host the dates for record fairs. This list is NOT inclusive. If you know of a website that also lists record shows, feel free to message Idigs, or post in the comment section (here or on facebook).




Sunday, March 25, 2012

Every Record Store In The World!

Well, Not Yet. They need your help! is compiling a list of every record store in the world on one handy site. And it's simple.

Step One: Type in the Site (Or just click the link- I tried to make it easy for all of you)

Step Two: Click The country you want.

Step Three: Click The city - Voila! A Map of where to find LP's in town.

MY SUGGESTION: Rate your favourite shops. I just went through all of the shops I've been to and gave them a rating out of 5. Since this site is in its infancy, it takes people to make it functional. Think Wikipedia without posters- it doesn't really work. I also added a few shops that weren't there. The next day they were up!

Record Store Day April 21st, 2012

What are you getting?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Few Heavy Months

I have some down time today so I thought I would share some of my metal finds from the past 3 months. You may notice a lean towards grind- What can I say, I'm on a grind kick.

One can't argue the attention to detail that many metal labels pride themselves on. Many of these have slick gatefold covers, coloured disks, and laminated inserts. Though these elements don't add much in terms of listening, I would be lying if I didn't admit being swayed by a well done graphic. Please post (here or on FACEBOOK ) some of your recent finds.

Here are two classic Megadeth originals. Being a thrash kid, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth, Sepultura and Metallica are the bands I was raised on. Megadeth has always been a hole in my collection so I'm glad to add these two classic albums.
Not the most accessible of the 'Aborted' catalog, but 'Engineering The Dead' is a good look at what they would become.
Two Earache Originals- Napalm Deaths 'From Enslavement To Obliteration' and 'Greed Killing' EP.

Wormrot is a grindcore band from Singapore. This is their first EP, "Noise" - Ships from the Earache website for five bucks, INCLUDING SHIPPING. CLICK HERE

These two Brutal Truth albums are post hiatus- showing that the godfathers of grind still have it in them!
Evolution Through Rvolution and End Time are available of Relapse Records.

Kataklysm's Prevail shows the world that Canada has some death metal chops. If you don't know this band, this album is a great entry point.
Death's 'Scream Bloody Gore' is one of the pinnacle albums from the genre. A must have (and this deluxe reissue has some killer bonus tracks)
After years of hunting, Cattle Decapitation's 'To Serve Man' and ' Karma Bloody Karma' are finally in my collection!

Fleshgrind - this is not listener friendly metal! 'Destined For Defilement' and 'Murder Without End'.

Getting 'Confrontation' and 'Symphony for a Beaten Down' means I know own every Soilent Green LP!

Poland's Decapitated have slowly been changing their sound over the past few years. If you want a killer, strait forward death metal album, 'Nihility' is it.
I'm ashamed to say I've just heard of Finland's Rotten Sound. For a lightning fast grind band with distortion on every instrument (including vocals and even drums at times) they are surprisingly tight and clear. Since signing with Relapse they've released the 'Napalm' EP, and Cursed - which was one of my favourite albums of 2011.
Noisear's 'Subvert The Dominant Paradigm' blasts 29 tracks in under 30 minute. Another tight, unrelenting grindcore band on Relapse Records.
Part of Relape's reissue series, 'Killing on Adrenaline' is a fantastic example of early death metal from these tech-death kings.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Toronto Mid-Town Record Show

May 27th marks the second annual Toronto Mid-Town Record Show- FULLY BOOKED

Last year's show saw just under 250 customers buying from over 40 tables of prime quality dealers from the surrounding area. This year I have CONFIRMED close to 50 tables of music.

40,000 LP's, CD's, Posters, and Memorabilia from ALL genre's of music:

Rock, Psych, Funk, Soul, R&B, Metal, Rap, Country, Classical, Indie, Electo, Avant Garde, JAZZ

LOCATION: Greenwood College School - 443 Mount Pleasant Ave (One block East of Davisville station).

When: May 27th

9:00 Early Bird - $15
10:00-3:30 $4

This record show really culminates a year of collecting for me. Record shows winding up, a new house full of records, and my annual record purge (Oh yeah... look for a 'free records' sections with HUNDREDS of FREE RECORDS.)

FACEBOOK PAGE -Click 'ATTEND' for exclusive updates.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Give Me Ten $10 LP's, Please!

I’ve always wondered how a band can sell so many boxed sets. Often including a group of previous recordings and B-sides, it seems to be geared towards the collector. Doesn’t the collector often want the original? Doesn’t the collector already have all of the albums?

Let’s say the fan doesn’t have any of the albums – is this really the type of person who is willing to drop hundreds on a boxed set? After all, if they were willing to spend that much, wouldn’t they already have them albums? I’m already sounding like a broken record- pun intended.

Motorhead agrees with me. Their latest boxed set checks in at almost $600(!), giving the fan very little in terms of new material. 'I would advise against it even for the most rabid completest’ Lemmy, Motorhead’s frontman urges. In the fall Elvis Costello saw the near $400 price tag on his latest boxed set and said it must be a ‘misprint or a satire.' I wish you were right, Elvis!

Many artists have been following suit, with sometimes up for 7 different ‘package’ options for a new album. Metallica’s Death Magnetic was released as a double LP, a 5 LP set or a coffin packed with goodies. Hard rock band Disturbed are doing a pre-order for a 5 LP boxed set pressed on ‘140 gram vinyl, for audiophile quality’ – Last time I checked 140 grams is the average weight of most LP’s. (And PS – very little has be connected to quality and weight – just avoid flimsy Russian pressings!)

Warner’s Because Sound Matters recently added a section on their site titled ‘collectibles’. Collectors new to the hobby are always asking me how to know if something is collectible. Well that is a long answer, a rule of thumb is ‘If it says ‘collectors item’ on it, it usually isn’t’.

Clearly cynical, I urge new collectors to think twice before dropping hundreds of dollars on a boxed set of items they already have in other formats. I remember going to a record show in Toronto and picking up a $100 LP and thinking long and hard – only to put it down. The dealer responded ‘I agree. I would rather have ten $10 records any day.’