Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dust and Grooves Present: Photo Exhibition

This magnificent photo of 78 collector Joe Bussard is one of my new favourites.  Firstly, everyone wants a wall that large.  When I went house hunting, 'vinyl relistate' (as my wife would call it) became my biggest concern.  Will I find a place that has a nice 'nook' for my collection?  Will my floor boards hold that much weight?  Yes, I even got my home inspector to inform me of the load bearing walls to attaching my shelving to.  For many collectors, our record room is quite important.  It's how we display and how we organize.  Some choose to have their space utilitarian - just holding records.  Others have fancy cabinets and plush rugs. Regardless, a record room is a portal into the collectors mind. Visiting a collectors space is a sacred journey. 

Photographer and owner of 'Dust and Grooves' Eilon Paz is having a Photo Exhibition with this in mind. Eilon has visited notable collectors around the world and photographed them in their space.  As a fellow collector, I've enjoyed learning about what makes these collectors continue.  Each interview offers deep insight in the hobby, ultimately answering larger questions about a collectors compulsion. 

When asking Eilon about his personal collection, he responds ' I was always into music and I was always into vinyl, but I’m not such a dedicated vinyl collector myself. I love going digging for records, but I would always go records that usually are not more than $5-10. This is why I really admire and am obsessed about the people I document.'

Eilon mentions that the music is often a bonus from his brief encounters with each of his subjects.

 'It’s first of all about meeting different people from all over the world with different life styles. Sometimes it’s a short acquaintance, sometimes I make friends. One day I could be drinking tea in a suburb of London listening to Rockabilly music with one of the world’s most appreciated collectors, and on the other end of the spectrum I could be sitting down with a retired truck driver in a muggy basement in Istanbul listening for the first time to some Turkish kitsch sung by this phenomenal transvestite entertainer. I’m always attracted to the actual personality, so I get to meet these characters though the music. That’s the main reward. The music that comes with it is a bonus. '

Friday July 6th, 2012

Tropicalia In Furs Record Store

304 E 5th St. New York, NY 10003

7PM -10PM 


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  2. Absolutely stunning a thing of beauty, no CD or MP3 ever looked like that.

  3. Love that picture of the 78 collector guy. I haven't started on the 78's yet, haven't gotten into them yet. But I'm collecting high-end jazz vinyl on regular mono 12" and 7". Check out my blog here: