Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vinyl District Creates a RECORD STORE APP

The digital age is upon us. Many collectors are happy to have MP3 Download cards with their albums. Even more are starting to buy MP3 Turntables (The most backwards technological advancement in the history of technology, in my humble opinion.) Though I do consider myself a purist, I will accept anything that helps me get close to my albums. I use Ebay after all.

Introducing: A Record Store App. Vinyl District allows smartphone users to find record stores based on their geography. As a collector that LOVES road trips, this app will get plenty of use during my trip to the East Coast. As much as I love researching in advance, you never know where that road trip will take you.

I know that many readers know every store in their neighborhood, thus making this app futile. My thought- Why not? If you have a smartphone, give it a shot.

Iphone Users: CLICK HERE

Android Users: CLICK HERE


  1. Thanks for the plug!

    - Tim, http://www.facebook.com/tvdrecordstorelocator

    1. No worries, Tim. I'm glad you made the App!