Thursday, January 26, 2012

Record Player Can Play a Tree Trunk

What is musical intent?

A few things I know: I know that I like listening to music. I know I appreciate a great album, a great band, and great minds that work together to create what I enjoy. What happens when you take away all of those variables?

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.

German artist Bartholom√§us Traubeck did just that (mostly). Taking a cross section from a 50 year-old tree, Traubeck modified a turntable to read music that has been naturally ‘placed’ on the grooves of the trunk. Replacing the stylus with a digital camera, the bumps and imperfections of the trunk are digitally ‘interpreted’ into sounds. The Rhythm and pace of these noises are entirely created by nature, miming contours of the trunk.

Thoughts? I like this. Firstly, any artist that gives a nod to my hobby I side with. I’m also not part of the ‘Ipod’ generation, as I love the sounds of nature that are tuned out when you ‘tune in’. I’m inclined to find solace in these sounds, as if they were waiting for us to find them. Feel free to share your opinions on Facebook or in the comment section below.

Sorry for the 'dark ages' over here. I've been plugging away on a feature length documentary on collecting culture. Needless to say - big things are in the works. Looking forward to posting more regularly.

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