Friday, July 8, 2011

What's the WORST record in your collection?

Confess your listening sins

It’s still early in my summer vacation, and I have taken on the project of identifing the 100 worst album in my collection.

I know, I know, ‘worst’ does imply opinion. I’m 3 weeks away from moving my 4000+ record collection across the city - I’m going to sell albums I know I’ll never listen to again. And if I know what’s good for me, I won’t even listen to these pieces of trash before they leave my house.

Purging a collection is a strange beast. Firstly it takes a lot of courage. Someone who amasses over 4000 LP’s obviously has an attachment to owning them. I suppose it has much to do with a documentary I am shooting. I spend all day interviewing various collectors of different types, in hopes of narrowing down the true reason for needing ownership of an object, or series of objects.

‘To have is to hold’ is a great expression, but I just don’t get any excitement from Zappacosta 12” singles, or Trooper albums any more. Many of these albums I must have purchased when I was just getting into the hobby, years back. Echoes of my early compulsions.

So here’s to spring cleaning, diggers! I challenge you all- what’s the worst record in your collection?


  1. Oh, the good old days of only having to move 4000 albums! Seems like such a simpler time then.

  2. Mr. P, how many you got? (More importantly, how many did you have on your last move??)

  3. My least favourite album....probably my solo Art Garfunkel (Breakaway). I've only listened to it once in its entirety, and it just made me miss Simon. At least it often gets a laugh from friends when they're flipping through.

  4. I just moved a couple months ago and I have almost 20,000. Although I did not have anyone help move the records. I moved them myself, in advance, to a storage unit, then from the unit to the new house. They are finally all at the new place, just not yet all unpacked. That may be awhile!