Monday, July 11, 2011

Another one bites the dust- Criminal Records prepares to close their doors...

It frightens me that so many record stores in Toronto (yet again) are closing their doors. First Monster Records, then Second vinyl, now Criminal Records, who has been a staple on Queen West for the past 5 years will begin the 'all must go' ritual that far too many have done before them.

Though this seems like a terrible sign, shop Owner Josh Leonard confirms that sales were strong.

From their facebook page …‘We hope you all understand that this has nothing to do with poor business, as we have enjoyed record sales that have gone up every single year. In our dreams, we could have never anticipated that we would be selling this much music in 2011.’

I would suggest that everyone checks out the sales over the coming weeks. All regular priced vinyl is currently 50 percent off, with other items being reduced regularly.

Though I’m not much of a ‘new vinyl’ guy, I’m sad to see this shop go. I know for a fact that many youngsters have been introduced to vinyl as a result of their location, and great stock of new titles. Today I picked up 9 sealed records – Many at 8-10 bucks! Josh mentioned to me that over 20,000 vinyl units were sold from their shop last year. 20,000! With Hits and Misses, Rotate, and Kops all selling new pressed LP's within walking distance from one another- I feel as if records are still going strong.

Visit Criminal from now until July 31st for great deals. Wednesday July 13th is also their last In-Store (FREE!) show, at 7PM. Come check out Lou Canon!

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