Saturday, March 26, 2011

Toronto Downtown Record Show and Record Store Day

Today I listened to around 40 cuts from 40 albums spanning from roughly 40 years of recorded music. This tends to happen just before any selling binge- the best way to price a LP is to refresh yourself of its condition. Tip number 2847743: Always play grade!

This Sunday marks the tenth annual Toronto Downtown Record Show. Aaron and Akim, AKA: The Record Guys, have been in the record swapping biz for ages now- and they know what they are doing. Words can't describe the excitement I have to be apart of this show as a dealer. I have fond memories of hitting up this show when I was just seriously getting into collecting and finding gem after gem from reputable dealers. Saying this show inspired the Toronto Mid-Town Collectibles show I'm hosting in May is an understatement. Come support two of the hardest working dealers in the biz!

The days leading up to a record show is always trying for my ever-so-patient wife. Anyone who hits the 'wall' for space as a collector understands how tough it is to have room to sort through your doubles.Before any show my listening room looks like an aural explosion went off as I have been checking the condition of hundreds of LP's. Tomorrow I will have a slew of Metal, Jazz, Classic Rock, and Obscure. For those after Metallica titles, I should have about 6, ranging from common pressings to rare limited run. I also have a handful of still sealed 180 Gram releases, including several copies of the Genesis boxed set. Feel free to stop by and say hi (I'm the chatty guy with the fedora). - 958 Broadview Ave from 11-4, $5!

Record Store is rapidly approaching and you may be wondering what titles are available. CLICK HERE to download a 6 page PDF of what is being released. Many stores order what they think is going to sell so you may want to contact your local vinyl distributor as the days approach. VORTEX RECORDS has been posting updates on their site and always get in ridiculous titles on the day. More Toronto shops will be posted once they make their plans public.

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