Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obviously Radiohead Delivers/Miles of Miles Davis

Obviously Radiohead Delivers

It's safe to say that Radiohead's 'The King of Limbs' is ballsy. After their last effort, Hail to the Thief -which broke all conventions and opted for the 'pay what you can marketing model', they have gone back to conventional purchasing methods. It was released in tandem to a series of free newspapers titled The Universal Sigh that were handed out by hand in major city cores.

The music is just so different; you need to give it a listen. Loads of ambient sounds interlaced with Electro-Acoustic percussion. I don't love it yet, but I didn't love Hail to the Thief until listen ten, and it's one of my favourite albums of all time. Radiohead continues to be infectious and fascinating, proving once again that there are no rules when you are on top.

The single LP packaging is sharp, and not elaborate- unlike the double clear 10" album housed in a giant foldout newspaper.


MILES OF MILES! Finding early Mono, mint condition fusion-era, or even 80's Miles Davis can be tough- especially in a city where jazz-heads dig everywhere and dig deep. Today I bought my 21st (Blackjack!) Miles album, Sketches of Spain (Now I have the original Stereo and Mono). Miles experiments with Spanish songs under the helm of arranger/conductor Gil Evans and the albums swings! After only 15 years of recording, this marked Davis' 21 studio album as a leader (in 1960), not to mention his countless appearances as a sideman. In Davis' career he reached an unprecedented 67 studio and 58 live albums.

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