Thursday, August 19, 2010

Label Feature - Relapse Records Pt. 1

Relapse Galore is right; I just got back from picking up a lot of about 40 Metal records shipped by one of my favourite traders -Qua1l.

The Majority of these LP's I already owned in one incarnation or another, but relapse records are known for doing many limited runs as well as several different back to back pressings of the exact same album. I will admit that this post is going to be picture heavy, but by the looks of these albums I doubt you will mind.
This post kicks off a new section for my blog titled 'Label Feature' where I feature a particular label in some form or another. By the looks of starting with Relapse, I assume this may end up showcasing a band at a time.

I am going to throw in several pressings I already owned so you can see some of the down right beautiful pieces that have been available from their catalogue. Mastodon have been around for 10 years-though you may only just heard of them (or maybe this is your introduction). Regardless, they are talented and creative enough for me to dedicate a post to their albums. Relapse Records (a leading metal label) have been producing some of the most stunning coloured, clear, and splatter LP's for years. Though my Mastodon collection isn't the largest, it gives a basic understanding of the appeal of collecting relapse LP's.

Here are 3 copies of Grammy nominated 'Blood Mountain'. The Red and Blue copies were released this year on 'Record Store Day' (limited to 1350 each) and the White (limited to 1000) is the second pressing from 2006 when they sold out the first pressing immediately.
Their latest album 'Crack the Skye' is fantastic. The splatter to the left is a limited run of only 650 that sold out online in a few days. To the far right you see a red/yellow/gold splatter which was sold on tour (along side a green splatter, equally as hard to get).
The Gold, Green, and Black 'Laviathan' are all part of the latest reissue series, which are housed in a beautiful gatefold with a very thick spine. The Blue/White marbled LP is a second press, limited to 500 copies (Very Rare!)
Both of these copies of 'Remission' are double LP's and early pressings. Which pressing they are is unknown, though I believe the blue is a second and the green is the third pressing.
Divinations Picture disc, Original Call of the Mastodon Blue LP and the Crystal Skull 45(Rad clear pressing).

If you have any comments- Please post them! I am confused on a few of the pressings, so please fill me in if I have them wrong. The next Relapse feature will likely be on Baroness, though the next label feature will be on....CTI!


  1. Very nice iteAm once again!

    Allthough I'm not a 100% shure (have to check at home), but I believe the blue remission is firstpress. Second press was black/purple and gold, third press was green.

    Cheers and keep up the good posts!


    ps: how come you have those nice vinylz I did not get a hold of (CTS red/Golf + splatter)!

  2. Big Mastadon fan - loved 'em live. Waiting for another visit to T.O
    How're things going? I see you got the floor to ceiling shelves you wanted.



  3. Things are well! Yeah, finishing the wall took a while, but damn it looks good:) How is your system?