Monday, May 17, 2010

James Brown: Sex Machine Live

Though there is not a shortage of live James Brown albums out there, 'Sex machine' is a must have. Unlike the classic 'live at the Appolo', this album contains much more of a broad mixture of Brown's catalogue. Recorded in 70, the original line up of the JB's is featured, with stellar performances by both Bootsy and Catfish Collins.

The first LP is all done is the studio with fake audience sounds placed at the beginning and end of the track. Though many 70's artists would do this to have the live sound without the cost of relocating their recording gear, it rarely holds the same level of energy. This is an anomaly. The 11 minute title track stands out as a perfect mixture of funk and soul, what early 70's James Brown remarkably achieved.

For those Toronto collectors, it was picked up at "Play De Record", a shop primarily known for its DJ related material. The shop has a wonderful selection of Jazz and Soul at relatively decent prices, though a little digging is required.

Play De Record
357 Yonge Street, Toronto - (416) 586-0380

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