Monday, May 10, 2010

A few finds...

This past weekend I stumbled upon a gorgeous copy of Pink Floyd's "Live in Pompeii". It was never officially released on LP, so this double LP set is a good grab. The sound is taken strait from the film, and is one of the most lively live performances of theirs I have.

**NOTE** No where on this LP does it say "Pink Floyd". There are various incarnations of this record, and they likely avoided the name to prevent any subsequent law suits. Meh. Legal, illegal, it sounds damn good!

I picked it up at KOPS RECORDS, (229 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON), a shop equally as cool as this find.


  1. Nice score.
    Pompeii is a great flick and its good to see others appreciating it.

    P.S. This blog is awesome!

  2. Pompeii is my favourite Floyd Live performance, and I own a lot of their live shows on LP. Thanks for your kind words, do you have a site/blog for me to check out?

  3. I would love to have a vinyl blog one day as I certainly have the volume of vinyl and the gift of opinion, but in the meantime, I shall indulge in the generosity of others.

  4. Feel free! I read blogs on collecting for years until I 'caved'. What kind of music do you collect? How large is your collection?

  5. I collect all types of music, although I do limit myself to LPs. I like to have uniformity in my collection and shelves etc... I have over 15,000 albums and growing every day. I love Krautrock, electronic, punk and metal, but my collection spans the gamut. (from Abba to Zappa as they say) I have gone from completing artists' discographies to entire labels. That way, there will always be a goal to keep me occupied! If you want to email me, I'm at Rafter242 at gmail. Have a great day.