Monday, October 11, 2010

As it heals...

On a Philosophical note:

I have been spending a lot of time listening to music. This doesn't imply that I don't normally find time for music; I'm speaking on 'active' listening. When sound becomes your only sense.

I find that when I have a series of deadlines at work or a slew of time consuming commitments ahead of me I procrastinate using what I love, Music. Saying 'music is my escape' is on the boundary of being cliche and arrogant, though it might have to suffice as it bares many truths. A friend from university would wait until he had 6 hours to write and submit a paper only to procrastinate further by cleaning his entire washroom. Yes, he had OCD. And yes, I do this with records. He later admitted his hated for cleaning, though I'm sure when an essay is in the works it's the lesser of the two evils. Part of my recent listening craze is based in circumstance. I recently got a rather large set of tattoos on my back and have been 'sitting out' the pain. Three days of relaxing has shown my speakers close to 20 hours of listening.

The conclusion: Music works. You can hide in music. Music can hide in you when you exist during the day light. A live band can spruce up a mediocre night for average people in an ordinary restaurant in a middle-of-the-road town. Music is a path for the blind and a voice for the mute. Admittingly I have listened to some far out stuff including a Goblin and a King Crimson binge this afternoon. When you dedicate large passages of time to music, unconventional listenings at that, you gain a great understanding of how it can effect your mood- I'm never sad when listening to music. That's one effective drug!

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